Liquid Injection Valve

Materials:Zirconia or alumina
Color:Custom color or whit

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The pilot action is achieved hydraulically by a control valve spool supplied with pressure from the orifice, thereby opening the main valve directly. This valve is designed for stacking systems, i.e., a wide variety of other types of hydraulic valves can be stacked on a base member.

It is widely used in forging machinery, high speed presses, presses, injection molding machines and other machines. It can make the press cylinder play the role of fast oil filling and discharging in the forging and pressing machinery. In high pressure and high flow rate, it can play the role of unloading and avoid unloading shock. The filling valve is generally used as a suction and discharge valve between hydraulic and oil tank. Large presses in the fast march, the cylinder to a large number of supplemental fluid, automatic suction to the tank; slow into the pressure to prevent the oil from the cylinder backflow tank. Reverse when the oil can be discharged from the cylinder back to the tank.

Pre-sale service: According to how the ceramic parts are used, the technicians will select the appropriate material and process for you, and the required ceramic products can be customized according to the customer's design drawings and requirements.

In-sale service: If necessary, we will provide you with samples for testing and provide you with technical assistance and support.

After-sale service: Accept any maintenance and other reasonable after-sale service of the product.

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