LED Ceramic Dispensing Valve

Materials:Zirconia or alumina
Color:Custom color or white

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It adopts imported high-purity raw material sintered ceramic material, processed with high precision, good gas tightness, no leakage, no stagnation, filling without holding, no deformation, can be precisely matched with metal parts. Widely used in food filling, medical filling, measuring instruments, battery filling, etc.

Note: can adjust the sleeve pin gap according to the customer's use, to reduce unnecessary costs for customers and enhance their competitiveness.

Our high precision alumina ceramic dispensing valves are manufactured with accurate grinding technology and advanced mechanical equipment, with a simple structure, smooth flow channel, and low medium flow resistance.

Alumina ceramic dispensing valve has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good thermal insulation, and low coefficient of expansion, it is able to precision match with metal fittings, good airtightness, and no leakage. There is no pollution to the medium in the filling process, and the distribution accuracy is high.

Alumina ceramic dispensing valve is widely used in dispensing machines, filling machines, biomedical machines, lithium battery liquid injection, and other industries. We are able to custom manufacture according to customers' structural design and technical drawings. For custom manufacturing, please contact us for more information.


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