Zirconia Ceramic Thimbles

Color:Custom color or white

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A thimble, also called a tip, is equipped on a lathe or a grinder and is a round rod with a conical head that supports the workpiece and rotates the workpiece around it.

The zirconium oxide ceramic ZrO2 features:

1. Zirconia ceramics wear resistance, high hardness, low noise, impact resistance, easy to provide constant service quality, long service life.

2. Zirconia ceramic high-temperature resistance, ≤1000℃, no deformation, no distortion, no lubrication at high speed.

3. Zirconia ceramics are more suitable for working in harsh environments.Such as acid, alkaline environment, oxidation environment, etc.

4. Zirconia ceramics have low density, non-magnetic properties and strong insulation.

5. Zirconia ceramics with low heat conduction, low CTE, wear resistance only second with diamond.

Why Choose Us?

As an IOS9001 certified manufacturer, we got more than 10 engineers with years, xperienced technicians and advanced equipment to ensure the quality.

We got professional inspection team and equipment, and treat every product to a strict standard, dimensional accuracy up to 0.001mm, we will not to allow failed products to enter the market.

For custom parts, you will get free quote within 24 hours (depending on the complexity), and to meet the urgent needs, we keep material in stock to make the lead time shorter.




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