Multi-size Ceramic Rods

Materials:Zirconia or alumina
Color:Custom color or white

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Zirconia and alumina ceramic rods, bars, and plungers are made of zirconium oxide and alumina oxide (ZrO2, Al2O3). These rods and bars, made of zirconia ceramics, are used in the shaft, plunger, sealing structure, automobile industry, oil drilling, insulation parts and other applications because of their high density, high bending strength, and high smoothness.

The rods and bars made of alumina ceramics are excellent for making parts like CVD, insulation parts, and other applications that request high electrical insulation, high chemical resistance and low thermal expansion.

● High abrasion-resistant

● Excellent oxide and corrosion resistance

●Low thermal expansion

● High bending strength and tensile strength

● High hardness and stiffness

● Electrical insulation

The rods we offered are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and tolerances depending on customers' requirements. They are found applications in a wide range of markets including aerospace, medical, and electrical etc.

Pre-sale service: According to how the ceramic parts are used, the technicians will select the appropriate material and process for you, and the required ceramic products can be customized according to the customer's design drawings and requirements.

In-sale service: If necessary, we will provide you with samples for testing and provide you with technical assistance and support.

After-sale service: Accept any maintenance and other reasonable after-sale service of the product.

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