Ceramic Pin Gauge

Materials:Zirconia or alumina
Color:Custom color or white

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Ceramic pins and needles are made of zirconia and alumina ceramic materials, they are manufactured for replacing the metal pins and needles in some special applications. They have great durability due to the superior resistance to chemical corrosion, and they can get a lower frequency of replacement because of their excellent wear resistance.

Ceramic pins and needles have excellent mechanical strength and high precision, and they can also achieve high surface smoothness (roughness Ra 0.01μm), this allows repeat use, and the surface residue is much less than metal pins and needles.

Alumina ceramic needle gauge is based on the current testing equipment used in the tungsten steel needle regulation of poor corrosion resistance, short life defects, as well as the white steel needle gauge connection is not reliable, easy to rust and fragmentation of the status quo and developed high-tech products.

Alumina ceramic needle gauge characteristics are: With the media contact surface and working face are alumina ceramic needle gauge, no special protection is required. With the existing ceramic needle gauge ratio, with anti-embroidery, can washed, corrosion resistance, high strength characteristics, at the same time alumina ceramic needle gauge service life is 10 times times higher than tungsten steel white steel needle gauge, but also can improve the life of sealing filler, with a very high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance characteristics.

We are able to custom manufacture various shapes of ceramic pins and needles. For custom manufacturing, please contact us for more information.


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