We are committed to providing quality services to our global customers with our customer-first management philosophy. The company has long cooperated with Japanese advanced ceramic manufacturers and domestic universities and colleges to jointly develop and produce advanced ceramics, and constantly develop and improve new technologies and techniques to provide a guarantee for the company's sustainable development. We provide customers with all-round solutions to reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

2020 JUN Contract abiding and credit worthy enterprises in Guangdong Province
2020 APR Grant as the small and medium-sized sci-techenterprises
2019 OCT Obtained TS014001 Environmental Management System Certification
2019 MAR Acquired the first National Certificate of In-vention patent.
2018 MAY Certificated IS09001:2015
2018APR Started Industry-University-Researchcooperation with Guangdong University of Technology.
2017 JUN New equipments for ceramic Sintering& For-ming put into use.
Largely enhanced the company's R & D and manufacturing capability.
2017 MAR Qualified by Chinese famous Medical Equipment Enterprise as an Authorized Supplier.
2016 DEC Qualified by SMT Enterprise Association asan Authorized Supplier.
2016JUL Qualified by LED Enterprise Association asan Authorized Supplier.
2016 JUN Qualified by Global Top Three ConnectorsEnterprises as an Authorized Supplier.
2016 APR Expanded milling plant. Precision Ceramicscomponents of Xitao Changing officiallyput into production.
2016 FB Qualified by Chinese Precision ConnectorEnterprise Association as an Authorized Supplier.
2015 FEB Set up milling plant for Precision Ceramics
2014JUL Developed High-performance-ceramicsco-mponents to replace Tungsten Carbide forHigh-speed Stamping process applied in IC,Connector, LED.
2014 JUN Qualified by Global famous SemiconductorGiants as an Authorized Supplier.
2014 MAY Started Cooperation with World-renowned Ceramics Company from Japan. SuccessfullyIntroduced their High-Performance-Ceram-is into Chinese Market.
2013 MAR Successfully Developed Ceramics components for IC stamping Die and Injection Mold.
2012 MAY Ceramics Division Established.
2012 JAN Xitao Precision founded.


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